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We provide a full range of nonprofit and governmental capacity-building services that fall into four key areas:

• Executive Search
• Strategic Planning
• Revenue Generation
• Organizational Development

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Nancy L Brown, MBA, ACFRE, CAE, Managing Member

Nancy has more than 20 years of experience in consulting in strategic planning, revenue generation, executive search, and organizational development.

Prior to her consulting business, she functioned as state director of a national health agency (MDA), worked for her undergrad college (Stephens), for a multi-media firm, and in ethically-based telemarketing.

Her graduate degree is from Argosy University, Sarasota. She is one of approximately 100 persons nationally to hold Advanced Certification in Fund-Raising ACFRE). She also has been a Certified Association Executive (CAE) for 25 years.

Nancy has been qualified to administer Myers Briggs preference and DiSC personality profiles. She has worked with partners on research projects requiring advanced evaluation and statistical analysis.

Recipient of the Horton Award for lifetime achievement in philanthropy, Ms. Brown has produced a book, Increasing Board Effectiveness, which was used as a text in the nonprofit certificate program for USF. She also taught grantwriting at the graduate level in USF's M.S.M. program.

She is a former faculty member of Indiana University's School on Philanthropy, and a former instructor for nonprofit communications and marketing at St. Petersburg College. She is creator and presenter of seven full-day, copyrighted training courses in topics ranging from fundraising to nonprofit development.

Building organizations is her love. Whether it is the placement of persons or the alignment of policies/procedures, Nancy particularly enjoys looking back at long term clients, seeing where she has made a difference.

About Our Associates

For the benefit of clients, Designs in Development, LLC regularly collaborates with Associates who have complementary, specialized skill sets. Across two-plus decades, our esteemed colleagues have provided skills in the following fields and areas:

• statistical evaluation • employee personality and relationship management • labor law • tax law • specific subject matter expertise • accounting • data management • government relations • social media.

We further consider clients and their volunteers partners in whatever endeavor we are contracted to assist with. All partnerships have helped us better serve specific clients to:

• facilitate complex strategic plans • complete major grant applications • undertake workplace assessments • establish gift annuity programs according to Florida rules • audit internal processes from accounting and purchasing to development and record-keeping • create and test compelling cases for support of fundraising initiatives.

Most work products are proprietary to the client. However, sometimes our collaborative work falls into the public domain. For an example, see the following publication from USF.

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