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Headhunters and CEOs


We provide a full range of nonprofit and governmental capacity-building services that fall into four key areas:

• Executive Search
• Strategic Planning
• Revenue Generation
• Organizational Development

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Executive Search Services:

We have completed almost 100 searches.

We have tracked upper-level searches at an 80% retention rate over five years.

• 35% CEOs

• 35% Chief Development Officers VPs
  Development/Major Gift Officers 
• 30% Program Leadership Support Staff 

Search clients have included:

• National Organizations, such as: American   Red Cross, Special Olympics, National Safety   Council, Goodwill
• Local Organizations, including: St. Pete Free   Clinic, The Spring, DACCO, University Area   Community Development Corp., The Florida   Orchestra, Fine Arts Museum, Hospice

A 40+ step process is used for every full search.

We work on a flat fee basis.

This includes an allowance for expenses to be mutually agreed upon. Searches are usually completed for less than ¼ of the annual salary, and often funded from the vacant position.

Difficulties of in-house staff-conducted searches we can help avoid:

• Keyword searches by untrained staff, resulting   in time spent with unqualified candidates

• Prospective candidate concerns about   confidentiality, especially with board members
• Excessive time spent on top-level searches

• Lack of a diverse candidate field

Challenges of board-conducted searches we can ease, and support objectively:

• Excessive time commitments to vet candidates   properly, via screening calls and preliminary   interviews

• Member favoritism of specific applicants
• Inability to see through the smoke-and- mirror   bluster of egocentric opportunists

• Coordination of the entire process, relieving   board members of administrative details

We also provide related services:

• Interim fulfillment of critical positions

• Functional job assessments / Job descriptions

• Cost/benefit analysis of positions/departments

• Evaluation of salary/benefits against local and   industry norms

• Culture assessment and culture fit profiling   using MBTI and DiSC
• Reference, educational and backround checks,   credential confirmation

• Candidate negotiation

• Coaching and training

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