We Build Philanthropic Capacity.
Let us Help YOUR Non Profit Organization Grow!

Research and Development


We provide a full range of nonprofit and governmental capacity-building services that fall into four key areas:

• Executive Search
• Strategic Planning
• Revenue Generation
• Organizational Development

Designs in Development LLC
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St. Petersburg, FL 33747


What set us apart for two decades is that we have taken a tack that is different:

Even when you retain us for a short
project, we look at your ultimate
goals before offering advice and

Sometimes it means smaller contracts
for us, and better results for you.
Designs in Development, LLC. staff has
been doing this on the West Central
Florida, statewide and during
national engagements for 20+ years.

Our twenty plus years of work in philanthropy with:

• Associations
• Community Development Corporations
• Educational Institutions
• Environmental Conservation
• Foundations
• Government Agencies
• Hospitals
• Hospices
• Human Service Organizations
• Humane Societies
• International Relief
• Libraries

 Social Change Organizations
• Performing Arts Companies

… prepares us to assist you with your needs!

We focus on
capacity building:

The mission of the organization is simple: to help organizations grow. With a focus on capacity building, Designs in Development seeks to advance the internal strength of a nonprofit or government entity so that more revenues will be generated, more programs will be successful. As a result, stronger decisions will be made by board members and/or leadership staff to support current and future initiatives.

We understand that an integrated approach to all of our work leads to better outcomes. In executive search, for example, we like to involve multiple team members. In revenue generation, we engage all of the top leadership, if possible, including staff and board, to develop a feasible tactical plan to meet organizational goals.

Our enthusiastic, affordable, comprehensive approach serves organizations in an ethical and supportive manner. 

Affiliations and Ethics:

• We are a 25-year member of the Association
   of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)

• Nancy is recipient of the 2008 Horton
   Lifetime Achievement Award in Philanthropy

• We celebrate the principals and ethics
  of the Donor Bill of Rights, AFP, and the
  American Society of Association Executives

• We are a proud founding firm and supporter
  of the ethics of the national Association
  of Philanthropic Counsel.





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